The First Annual Post-Human Network Graduate Student Conference:

Experiencing the Post-Human

March 24th & 25th, 2017
Arizona State University


Please find below the final conference program.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided to participants free of charge. We ask that participants and all other guests pay for themselves at our Friday evening dinner.


Unless indicated otherwise, all events will take place in:

Stauffer Hall B111

950 S. Forest Mall
Tempe, AZ 85281


Friday, March 24


8:45:  Coffee and Pastries 

9:15:  Welcome 


9:30:  Dr. Marcel O'Gorman; University of Waterloo; "Digital Rituals for the End of the World"

Session: Society and Technology

Chair: Garrett Johnson

11:00:  Rachel Watson; University of Colorado-Boulder; "Singularity: When Humans Enter the Cloud"

11:20:  Walter Merryman; University of California-Riverside; "Divided Communities: Media and Agency at the              End of a Shared Reality"

11:40:  Robert Poe; Arizona State University; "Disciplinary Machines and a Monster Named Technology"

12:30:  Lunch

Session: Consciousness and Knowledge

Chair: Celina Osuna

1:30:  Sascha Pohflepp; University of California-San Diego; "Pattern Agnosia and the Image not Made by                   Human Hand"

1:50:  Samuel Stoeltje; Rice University; "Riddles of Consciousness in Deep Time"

2:10:  Jonathan Paden; University of California-San Diego; "World Taming Futures: Post Objectivism                           Opulence Rhetoric in Academia through InfoMassion"

3:00:  Coffee and Snacks 

3:40:  Meet at Stauffer Hall B111 to walk over to Matthews Center.

Workshop (@Matthews Center 224)

3:45:  Garrett Johnson, Arizona State University; Britta Peterson, American University; "Sentient, Lanterns:                Coordination, Collisions, and Contusions"

Session: Space and Sensuality

Chair: Angela Sakrison

5:00:  Yuchen Zhao; Duke University; "The Five Senses in Religious Ritual and its Significance to Modern and            New Media Art"

5:20:  Jonathan Bratt; Arizona State University; "The Invisible and the Infravisible"

5:40:  Meet at Stauffer Hall B111 to walk over to Skyspace.

6:00:  Celina Osuna; Arizona State University; "Thinking with and through the Desert with James Turrell"                    (@Skyspace)

7:00:  Dinner and Drinks (@Cornish Pasty) (Pay your own way)



Saturday, March 25


8:45:  Coffee and Pastries

Session: Sociality and Embodiment

Chair: Jonathan Bratt

9:30:  Stephanie Sherman; University of California-San Diego; "The Fordian Slip: From Plant to Plantation"

9:50:  Fly Steffens; University of Arizona; "A New Cyberqueer Theatre"

10:10:  Janelle Pulczinski; University of Wisconsin-Madison; "Reading Circles as Alternative Spaces for Social              Learning and Civic Engagement"

10:30:  Brenda McCaffrey; Arizona State University; "Dancing with Dynamical Systems"

Session: Life and Ecology I

Chair: Zachary Thomas

11:00:  Alyssa Adams; Arizona State University; "Understanding Real-World Open-Ended Systems: A League              of Legends Adventure"

11:20:  Alice Gibson; Kingston University; "Giacomo Leopardi’s Non-Human Characters’ Experience within a                Post-Human Landscape"

11:40:  Josh Grant-Young; University of Guelph; "Formulating A ‘Miyazakian’ Ecology"

12:30:  Lunch 

Session: Life and Ecology II

Chair: Charis Elliot

1:30:  Angela Sakrison; Arizona State University; "Nonhuman Memory: Encountering Matter in Process"

1:50:  Chris Hall; University of Kansas; "Becoming-Animal: A Thought Experiment in Yes-Saying"

2:10:  Hue Woodson; University of Texas-Arlington; "Deontologizing Animality’s Ethical Standing: Using                     Heidegger’s Enframing to Think the Posthumanist Thought of Cary Wolfe’s Biopolitical Frame"

2:30:  Zachary Thomas; Arizona State University; "Anthropocentric Control and the Immanent Beauty of                      Difference in Jonas Alexander Arnby's When Animals Dream"