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Experiencing the Post-Human: First Inaugural PHuN Graduate Student Conference

  • ASU Stauffer Hall 950 South Forest Mall Tempe, AZ, 85281 United States (map)

In the wake of the speculative, material, post-humanist turns in critical theory and philosophy it is increasingly difficult to know how to “do” theory in the 21st century. When thought, agency, and perception are no longer understood as solely the privilege of anthropos, and are instead distributed across the Earth according to varying degrees of complexity, what are the most appropriate means for thinking and experiencing these planetary forces? Are the scholarly practices in contemporary theory up to the task of thinking and experimenting with the wide range of more-than-human phenomena that now confront scholars? Existing institutional structures, however, make it difficult to experiment with new forms of scholarly exchange. Strict academic protocols tend to dictate how ideas are shared and they leave little to no room for experimentation. In light of these questions and challenges, this conference seeks to rethink scholarly practice under the guise of “Experiencing the Post-Human.” The many interdisciplinary resonances of post-humanism make it an ideal site to interrogate and integrate new practices and forums of idea exchange.