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  • The Ice House 429 West Jackson Street Phoenix, AZ, 85003 United States (map)

An experiment of expression to lend a taste into the imaginative abstract internal existence of gender fluidity. Holding no set home base on the gender spectrum, it is a constant natural flow and dance of dissolving, recreating, choosing, suppressing, embracing, and exploring.

Prism, two sides equal, that produces a spectrum of colors from a single light. Human, to produce a spectrum of emotions, experiences, ways of being, from a single life. 

The spectrum of emotions we each experience individually is as broad as the spectrum of gender experiences we each can experience individually. Sexuality, gender, emotions, they all have a spectrum from a single human individual experience but yet are all possible from each human experience. The prisms of the human experience that include gender are just as diverse as the spectrums of emotions individuals are capable of experiencing. Prism is a visual dialogue of one frequency of potentials in an internal experience of gender. The vision is a world where this internal spectrum of potential experiences of gender is understood, accepted and normalized to the extent that human emotions are shared and understood and normalized.